Setting up WordPress JetPack

Setting up WordPress JetPack on your personal on premises or hosted site is pretty easy and I recommend for anyone using WordPress. If you are not familiar with JetPack here is a summary of what it can do for you. From the site you can edit your sites actual admin settings or jump to your actual sites admin page. There is also a nice mobile app too.

  • See live status of visitors, views, likes, comments
  • See what pages people are coming from to your site
  • See countries of visitors (Learn about proxy chains)
  • What people are searching with on your site
  • What clicks are occurring
  • See list of pages, posts, scheduled and trashed items
  • See images, comments and templates that are on your site

There is a free account and as of this writing in 2020 3 premium options.

To get started make sure the following are setup.

  • You must’ve a working WordPress site using SSL and able to log in as admin
  • You must have a username and password
  • You must add the jetpack plugin to your word press site by picking a plan

Add JetPack Plugin

  1. Your WordPress site >> Plugins >> Add new >> Search for Jetpack
  2. Install and activate the JetPack Plugin
  3. GoTo the jet plan plan wizard I use the free option (Scroll down) as it works for my needs
  4. Once activated, go through he setup security wizard. Take you time and read each wizard questions

Its important that you don’t just click through the wizard. Read, think about the questions. If they are confusing to you, spend a minute or too and duckduckgo or google the info. Make sure you understand the info before answer the questions.

That’s it, enjoy.

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