Application Performance Monitoring

APM (Application Performance Monitoring), at least the new way to do APM is new to me. I understand the concept of sensors, and combining the sensor log data and combining that data into useful slice-able dice-able data. But the different approaches I am getting used to. Its like a million different simple tasks working in Unison creating what feels like a really complex tech echo sphere. What I am doing now is going through some of these popular tech APM echo spheres and trying my best to break them down, not do decide which is best, but to provide information so the best for you and me and our situation can be made.

The List

  • Dynatrace
  • DataDogHQ
  • AppDynamics

If you think there is another one that should be reviewed, please let me know. I am sure there are other great ones to review. Here are some ideas on owler


  • Was very easy to setup, very smart installer almost self aware of the environment. Didn’t have to do hardly anything except run an agent installer.
  • Data came streaming in about 10 minutes
  • Data was intuitively useful(most of it)
  • Cost was on the higher end
  • Sales rep was easy to work with
  • Support is unknown at this time, I did not purchase the product. Everyone knows support changes not for the better once you are a customer. Not saying Dynatrace is the exception or not. Just no data to base support off of.
  • Pricing is one price per host for everything(At least I believe at this time). More hosts, cheaper the per host price.


  • Was easy to setup, but windows server required a reboot
  • Even though I did not reboot, data streamed in about 10 minutes
  • User interface was complicated to get something meaningful
  • Nice that they had many integrations. Integration is a sensor for a particular technology you are interested in monitoring. Think PRTG sensors
  • Setting up integrations may based on the integration (think asp.NET as an integration example) takes a little work to install and enable.
  • Pricing is Al a carte. So you can use it for free with minimal features, or do add-ons. I am pretty sure if you add everything to a host, the host price total is cheaper than the Dynatrace host price.


  • Have not trialed AppDynamics yet
  • Pricing is a mystery – not online

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