Get the Tech Aid you need


Web Development

Domain Name registration, DNS, Web Server setup, Web page development or training

PC/Mac help

Slow boots, replacements, recommendations, updates, upgrades, virus removal…

Phone System Help

Setup, recommend, support install cloud and on premise phone systems.

Security Help

Review your network, PC, Mac for security issues or remove on that occured.

WiFi and Internet

Recommend, setup, install a solid wiFi solution. Perform WiFi coverage surveys

Security Cameras And Keyless Entry

Design Install and Maintain Security Cameras and Keyless Entry


We will listen and provide you with a solution that will work. Sometimes the news is not great, but we will get you through bad news with a goal of constant good news.

yes it can be simple

Without a doubt everything in this world has complication and simplicity. The simplicity can be back loaded or front loaded or sprinkled throughout. Where complication lives more often than not lives between discipline and experience. Without experience and discipline complication will be random and uncontrolled on where it lives. learn how to control complexity.

right now is ok

Most things in life that we feel we need we want right now, thats now!. But in reality most things can wait a little bit. But there are times when we do need right now. We have right now service, and it can wait service. Learn more about our service options. 

Location is everywhere

True we are physically located in Madison area but our reach is everywhere. You can receive on site  anywhere in southern Wisconsin and virtual visits everywhere. 

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