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TechAid.me is a private company started by Jay Walker to help out some friends with startup business by providing technical solutions to business needs. Some of the business needs where Point of Sale, Loss Prevention security camera’s, WiFi services, networking services, Phone System services, PC and computing services and web site development. Through time TechAid.me has added 1099 partners to help out as needed providing a larger more cohesive support team. TechAid.me is focused on providing customer first, find a solution to the need, rather than the traditional sell a solution which most technology providers do.

The traditional technology service providers approach to sell only solutions they are trained in or have practiced may provide a lower error rate solution, but the solution normally is not what the customer needs, but rather what the service provider can do well. So many options available, it is unfair to a customer to give them a solution that may not be best for them, but happens to be what the service provider is good at providing. Instead we will find the right solution for the customer, and due to our background and quick ability to master technology, we implement faster and easier than the customer could on their own. We enable the right solution.

Jay Walker

Founder - Project Manager

Jay starting his technology carrier in 1993 working as a cartographer in Madison, WI, US. Working with traditional cartographic methods during a time when most business where migrating to digital solutions, Jay was instramental in migrating Mapping Specialist to a digital world. Assisting in the setup of Macintosh computers running Adobe Illistrator, Aldus Freehand, Adobe Photoshop, Quark Express, and Page maker, Jay performed installs, setup, training and troubleshooting with all technologies.

Eight years later, Jay joined ColorXL in Middleton, WI as a production team member working with large format digital graphics. Performing graphic manipulation, large format color printing on Electrostatic printers and piezo electric printers, and large format digital scanning. Jay strengthened his digital skills working with both PC and Apple products as well as unix systems and token ring networks.  

In 1999 Jay joined Network Engineering Technologies as a Account Sales and System Engineer duel role. Both selling solutions and installing solutions being sold. With many customers in the south central Wisconsin area, Jay had the opportunity to work with sales and procurement side of implementations as well as performing engineering and installation of business solutions. Technologies include designing and setting up ethernet networks, file servers, proxy’s, mail servers, active directories,  routing, switching, firewalls, content management monitoring, virus protective solutions. 

As Jay traveled Wisconsin designing, selling and installing solutions, he also worked on the side development websites and database applications for run NET’s other business line which is a North American feet on the street service delivery. This involved developing in asp, asp.net, .NET Core, Microsoft SQL Server, creating console applications, windows services and writing to cloud API’s integrating systems. Jay Still works at NET for his day job, enjoys and loves working there. Due to the 1099 partners with TechAid.Me, service coverage is able to occur with out any issues.

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